Logistics audit 9A

The purpose of Logistics Audit 9A is to assess the company’s logistics system state, including the identification of processes requiring improvement and places where unjustified logistics costs arise.

The key value of a logistic audit is the assessment of all the most important components of a logistic system, taking into account the level of innovativeness of the existing and future logistic system as well as risk management in logistic processes.

Logistics audit 9A covers the analysis of key areas of the company:

  • Operating costs, including underinvestment in logistics system
  • Technical and organisational conditions of the logistic system
  • Processes – production, sales, safety management and controlling
  • Compliance with quality standards – HACCP, ISO, OHSAS, etc.
  • Customer service standard
  • Competitiveness of the offer due to application of advanced logistic solutions
  • Ecology and environmental protection
  • Safety, hygiene and ergonomics at work
  • Innovative potential in logistics processes

The quickness and effectiveness of our solution allows us to determine, together with the Management Board and the Owners, priority strategic tasks in the company, which in a short time will release hidden potential and bring profits.

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    Complex management of warehouse rack safety – rack inspections, service of all manufacturers’ racks with the restoration of rack documentation and admission for utilization.
    • Documentation audit
    • Rack inspections
    • Preparation of the budget for the maintenance of rack equipment
    • Service and repair of racks
    • Training “Safe usage of warehouse racks”
    • Restoration of the technical documentation with admission for usage